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Simeon W. Johnson


It is usual for the first responders to answer the call of duty with alacrity, in times of crisis, to save lives amid this GLOBAL PANDEMIC, which the world has not seen before.

The emergency medical technician (EMT) and first responders need our support, unlike no other time, as we observed their selfless dedication in action, saving lives in the line of duty:

Day by day, they risked their lives to save the sick and dying, knowing that they too could quickly become a casualty of the COVID-19 Virus…

Moving in the right direction, and God is leading the way! Simeon W. Johnson sought out an author favored by some of the world’s most influential people: Brought up from the nascence and nadir of his humble beginning to the acme of his stewardship: Mr. Johnson’s authorship of four informational books for the enquiring minds is acknowledged by a member of the House of Windsor, among a collection of readings from two thousand five hundred poets, linguist and writers, from all corners of the globe. Simeon W. Johnson is proud to take part his own way. An ineffable experience! To God be the Glory! A successful author, the accolades received by society elites! Some authors published books to make wads of money and to have their names recorded in the pantheons of American Lecture: However, his inspirational books, are crafted to make a difference, changing lives everywhere, that your name and mine are in the Lambs Book of life.
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