Remembering our heroes and victims of 9/11

Unforgettable Tribute to Our Heroes and Victims of 9/11 which, is the duty of every firefighter and law enforcement officer to answer the call of duty with enthusiasm and eschew the lure of evil with celerity

You are in our thoughts and prayers as you served with distinction. On that day in infamy when the most destructive act of terrorism took place in the history of the United States of America, hijackers took over several airplanes and, in a hideous effort of suicide, they blew up the World Trade Center, located in New York City, taking the lives of thousands of innocent men, women, and children with them, and almost succeeded in blowing up our nation’s seat of greatness (Three Thousand lost) in the WTC) Nowhere has it been more demonstrable than in recent events in New York City and our nation’s Capital

The firefighters answered the call of duty by rushing to task with celerity to save lives and property. The crime fighters race to the scene of a crime with fearless celerity as the drama unfolds.

United, we stand against the nefarious acct’s of evil: We will never forget! See more at SWJ Book Ministry

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