Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson descriptive analyses and presentation on how the Universe was formed, from a small dot of light into the Big Bang Creation: is a profound erudition of scientific mind.

With all due respect to such intellectual erudition of which I will not attempt to refute your premise, based on my finite knowledge on the subject matter: nonetheless, with my reliance on the irrefutable evidence of the word of God! I aver, state positively; declare with confidence: the apodictic tenability of the word of God, is impervious to your finite knowledge in-comparison to the Omniscient on the subject matter. This terse response should clarify the syllogistic dispute over the scientific evidence of creation vs. evolution controversy?

 More details are highlighted in the Book titled:  ROMW VS. RAMB, Reveals God Adam and Creation: What would Grandma and Grandpa: Adam and Eve, say? If they could see us now?