• The impact on our children after

   the events of September 11          

  • Abraham Lincoln, twelve major failures before he was

elected President of the United States at age 52

  • Ludwig van Beethoven, triumph over his hearing loss,

He went on to:

  • Elizabeth Murray, a teenager who went from living on

the streets in New York City, to:

  • John Milton, was blind at the age of 44, Sixteen years

later he wrote:

  • Chester Carlson, in the 1940s, 20 corporations rejected

his idea. His tiny company was bought and became Xerox


  • Wilma Rudolph, at the age of four, she contracted double

pneumonia and scarlet fever, leaving her left leg

paralyzed. Was told she would never walk again. She

went on to win:

  • Clint Eastwood, in 1959, Universal Pictures executive told


  • Lucille Ball, in 1927, the head instructor of John Murray

told her:

  • Elvis Presley was told:
  • Albert Einstein did not start speaking until he was:
  • Burt Reynolds, in 1959, he was told:

· General Douglass Macarthur, he was denied:

  • Thomas Edison, when he attended school, his teacher told

him he was:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was told:
  • Colonel Sanders was rejected 1,009 times before:
  • Beatrice Wood (artist), experienced numerous

failures, poverty, and bad marriages before her success as:

Plus much, much more:

  • Beatrice Wood (artist), experienced numerous

failures, poverty, and bad marriages before her success as:

Plus much, much more:

Beatrice Wood (artist), experienced numerous

failures, poverty, and bad marriages before her success as:

Plus much, much more:

 Abraham Lincoln

  • He entered the Black Hawk War as a captain. By the end of

the war, he had been demoted to the ranks of private.

  • Failed in business at age 21
  • Defeated in a legislative race at age 22
  • Failed again in business at age 24
  • Overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26
  • Had a nervous breakdown at age 27
  • Lost a congressional race at age 34
  • Lost a congressional race at age 36
  • Lost a senatorial race at age 45
  • Failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47
  • Lost a senatorial race at age 49
  • Was elected President of the United States at age 52

Ludwig van Beethoven

  • By age 46 was deaf after progressive

hearing loss. Nevertheless, he wrote his best music                            

including five symphonies, during his later years.

Billy Joel

  • His high school diploma was denied due to excessive

   absenteeism ran away from home and was arrested on

   alleged burglary: The charges were dropped, but a

   terrifying night in jail did little to build a happy outlook on


  • He attempted suicide by drinking furniture polish.
  • When that didn’t solve the problem, he committed himself

to the mental ward at Meadowbrook Hospital for three

weeks observation and quickly discovered that he was

quite sane.

The hospital visit strengthened his resolve to make it in

   rock androll: He had many more failures until he finally

had   a chip on his tooth and  his Adam’s apple sticks out

too far. In addition, he talked too slowly.

Lucille Ball

  • In 1927, the head instructor of John Murray

Anderson Drama School told her, “Try any other

profession. Any other.”

Elvis Presley

  • Was told “You aren’t going’ nowhere … son. You ought to

go back to driving a truck.”

Burt Reynolds

  • In 1959 was told by a Universal Pictures executive that

he had no talent.

Albert Einstein

  • Did not start speaking until he was four years old: There

was even some concern on the part of his parents when he

was a young child that he might be somewhat backward!

During his school years, he showed no aptitude.

In addition, because of his dislike of rigid methods of

school officials cited him as being disruptive.

He failed the entrance exam to a university a number

of times and made his great discoveries while working

by day in a low-level clerical job, many today say

that he was dyslexic.

General Douglas Macarthur

  • He was turned down admission to West Point

two times. He was finally accepted on his third attempt.

 Thomas Edison 

  • When he first attended school his teachers complained he

was “too slow” and hard to handle. He tried over 2,000

experiments before he got the light bulb to work.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Was told if he wanted to succeed as an actor he better learn

to speak without an accent and change his name.

Woody Allen

  • Failed Motion Picture Production and English at

New York University.

Colonel Sanders

  • Was rejected 1,009 times before someone would back his

business. He started Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Jim Carrey

  • When he was a teenager, he and his family were janitors at

Titan Wheels and they lived in a tent on their aunt’s lawn.

Comedy Club: He bombed big time. Two years later Jim returned to Yuk Yuk and was great.

Al Pacino

  • Got rejected for the part of Michael in “The

Godfather” a number of times before he won the role:

Beatrice Wood (artist)

  • She experienced numerous failures, poverty and bad marriages before her success as an artist later in life¾she is the inspiration for Katherine in the novel “Jules et Jim” and for the older Rose in the film “Titanic” (details are     outlined in her autobiography  “I Shock Myself”).

With that said, however, and the plethora of information provided those who tirelessly burn the midnight oil through a laborious effort, enabling them to break out of their creative chrysalis to achieve their purpose in life.

Unfortunately for many, that purpose may be transient, unlike that of the patriarch Abraham, who sought a dwelling place “whose builder and maker is everlasting.”

We owe it to ourselves to embrace hopeful optimism with Alacrity! In addition, eschew the fear of failure with Celerity.