Read the uplifting works of a distinguished writer. At SWJ Enterprises, Simeon W. Johnson creates stories about important people in our modern world.

With more than 19 years of professional experience, Mr. Johnson excels in business management. As president of SWJ Enterprises, an online marketing company, he is responsible for overseeing operations and monitoring the online sale of gift articles and inspirational books. Prior to establishing the company, he served as an electronic technician and as a housing inspector.

Mr. Johnson is also a published author. His latest book, “You’re a Worthwhile Person in More Ways Than a Million” contains compelling, often amusing stories of unsung heroes who provide valuable services to society and the world at large. The book is intended to leave the reader with a definite impression that everyone, the reader included, is significant and worthwhile. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be contributed to charitable organizations. Other books Mr. Johnson has authored include, “A Myopic Life Resonated from the Brink of the Abyss,” “ROMW Vs RAMB Reveals God, Adam and Creation,” and “Unforgettable Tribute to Our Heroes and Victims of 9/11.”

A recipient of the Writer’s Digest Award from the 12th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards, Mr. Johnson considers the appreciation he receives from his readers to be the most gratifying aspect of his work. He is a member of the Small Business Association of America and is a supporter of World Vision and Feed the Children Organization.

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